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veiled in hate

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I’m filled with darkness, thriving on the only thing I feel, hate. The blood I’ve shed to avenge my sister’s death has done nothing to appease me. When my don creates an alliance between our enemies to create peace, I’ve no choice but to comply. That doesn’t mean I’ll make it easy for her—the Ricci Princess. She will be the perfect target for my hate. Hate has never felt so good. In blood we’re bound. In trust we live.

He hates every fiber of my being. Luca Varros tried to end my bloodline in a quest for vengeance. He refuses to listen to reason. When we’re forced together as part of an alliance, he turns his hate toward me. But I see beyond his darkness, I see a glimmer of a man I will him to become. And when my own veil of hate is about to slip, I’m reminded of the truth. Luca Varros feels nothing. His quest for vengeance will always come first. In blood we’re bound. In truth we live.

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This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Strong & offensive language, sexual scenes, graphic violence, BDSM, sexual assault, breeding kink and Dub Con

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