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born reckless

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One night is all it took to change my life for the worse. 

I grew up with no real home or blood family around.

Until my uncle decided to be an unwelcome hero. He offered me a new life—a home in his mansion and a fresh start at an exclusive private school. He thinks he’s better than me . . . They all do. Especially his hot-as-hell adopted son, Cameron—the reason I’m on lockdown.

Uncle Jimmy thinks he’s doing me a favor, but I know his secrets, just like he knows mine. 

But the difference between us all is I’d rather live my previous life than one like this. 

In one night, she destroyed something that meant the world to me.
After filing charges, I inflict what I think is hell by having her sent to a detention center, a place with no future. Lockup. Where she belongs. I want my revenge, what was lost to me forever, but I’ll take what I can get.

That is until my adoptive father introduces me to his niece, the very bane of my existence. I refuse to look into her eyes, to give in to the intrigue she stirs within me.

I refuse to want her. Until the choice isn’t even mine.

A Dark High School Romance.

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This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Strong & offensive language, sexual scenes, graphic violence, baby loss, gangs and bullying.

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