a passionate writer of dark romance

I’m not afraid to push the boundaries in my writing. My dark, jealous, possessive heroes will have you in a chokehold while leaving you craving for more.

I love to write stories drowning in dark romance, and laced in spice that will make you question your morals. You’ll love every minute of reading about the possessive men who would burn the world down for you, then have you screaming their name amongst the ashes.

My aim is to incorporate darkness into the romance world while offering readers a place of solace.

Finally stepping out of the shadows in 2021, I released my first book, ‘Cal’ with the support of TL Swan and her Cygnets.

Otherwise known as ‘Becky,’ I currently reside in the UK with my husband and our two teenage sons, along with our three adorable fur-babies.

I enjoy nothing more than immersing myself in my writing cave and delivering deliciously, dark stories for my Reckless Readers.

We’re drowning in a sea of darkness, but our darkness binds us. It shows our devotion, it makes us complete.

Cole - Brutal Secrets.

I love to read, particularly MC books.

I have three fur babies.

I’ve had to learn to walk again twice due to separate spinal issues.

I love to travel!

I never considered becoming an author until TL Swan offered her knowledge to her readers.


I'm BJ alpha

September 7, 2024 in Edinburgh

RARE Edinburgh

July 6, 2024 in Peterborough


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