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I knew her only as Carmen, the little hottie from a night of passion in Vegas, the love of my life! Fifteen years later after tracking down a cyber thief who has stolen millions from me and my family, I’m holding a gun to her head thanks to her dumb-ass son! Only he’s not just her son… secrets are exposed and just when I think things can’t get any worse? The Cartel are after them.

My teenage son leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, the latest, stealing millions from a Mafia family. Cal the sexy man from my past comes barreling back into my life, as if it isn’t chaotic enough, he’s holding a gun to my head. My ex-lover is now my savior, only I’m not sure he can handle the number of secrets and chaotic baggage we bring.

I’m filled with darkness, thriving on the only thing I feel, hate. The blood I’ve shed to avenge my sister’s death has done nothing to appease me. When my don creates an alliance between our enemies to create peace, I’ve no choice but to comply. That doesn’t mean I’ll make it easy for her—the Ricci Princess. She will be the perfect target for my hate. Hate has never felt so good. In blood we’re bound. In trust we live.

He hates every fiber of my being. Luca Varros tried to end my bloodline in a quest for vengeance. He refuses to listen to reason. When we’re forced together as part of an alliance, he turns his hate toward me. But I see beyond his darkness, I see a glimmer of a man I will him to become. And when my own veil of hate is about to slip, I’m reminded of the truth. Luca Varros feels nothing. His quest for vengeance will always come first. In blood we’re bound. In truth we live.

Mistaken identity has never been so wrong.

After years of sabotaging my body and blaming my family for the loss of my love, I’ve refused to be a part of our Mafia involvement.
Then my usual Indulgence service arrives, and for the first time in years, my body comes alive. I can feel.

The only problem is the girl in my arms. The one I crave is not the girl I ordered.
No, it’s my stepdaughter.
And worse, she wants me to be her daddy.
I’ve swapped one addiction for the other, but this one might just be my cure.

I’ve only loved once in my life but never again. It threw me into a depth of hell I’ve barely crawled out of.

But when Cole enters my life, I’m willing to give love another try. He’s six feet and three inches of solid muscle, full of dirty fun, and completely devoted to me, leaving my heart once again exposed.

Then, there’s his brother, Lucas, always in the background lingering for more, diligently waiting. But his own brutal demons leave him struggling to give in to me.
To us.

And when I finally meet the brother they call Rage, my mind is thrown back in time, forcing memories I tried to keep hidden to resurface and putting not just me in danger.

Can they accept me and my baggage when I choose to accept theirs, or will my past catch up with me and tear us apart, forcing me to choose only one?

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