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Red dress, red lips, red heels. Red, the young woman I spent one night in Vegas fulfilling a need I never knew existed.

By morning, she was gone, taking a part of me with her . . .

Until her demanding family quite literally slams into my life and leaves me with no other option but to marry her.

They’re none too happy that I defiled the Mafia Princess promised to another man, and now, I’ve no choice but to go along with their plans or risk not only my life but hers too.

Can we make this work in both our worlds, or will the perfect out be just that?

I never intended to fall for my wife, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t plan to fall for me either.

I’ve spent my life being what everyone else wanted me to be. So I wanted one night. One night of my choosing before I had to sacrifice myself for the Organization.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?


What happened in Vegas threw me a curveball, and my brother is demanding I marry the man I only know as Blue.

But when he’s forced into our world and has no choice but to leave behind the woman he loves, can he do it, for us?

Or will our demons catch up and tear our marriage apart?

I’m falling for him when all I should care about is keeping us safe.
I only hope he cares enough about us too.

storm enterprises book 1

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Strong & offensive language, sexual scenes, graphic violence, BDSM, sexual assault and breeding kink.

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