the brutal duet

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The Brutal Duet Special Edition
Hidden In Brutal Devotion and Love In Brutal Devotion combined in a Special Edition Hardbook cover and spine.

The books interior features silk finish pages, a satin gold reading ribbon and gold theming throughout.
Each book is individually wrapped with Special Edition paper and a wax seal.

foiled special edition

Please note

You have 7 days from receipt of the item to check and report any issues with the product.

After this time, the sale is final and no returns or exchanges will be accepted.

This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Dub con, Age gap, Daddy/Baby Girl Kink, History of sexual abuse, Childhood sexual abuse, Knife play, Torture, Blood play, Breeding kink, Graphic violence, Strong & offensive language, Domination, MFMM, Praise, Degradation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, DP, Lactation, Cum play, Bondage, Somnophilia, Squirting, Non Con & Spitting.

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