daddy's addiction

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This is a special edition hard back book with silver foiling on the front cover and the spine and detailed colour floral detail on the chapter pages on thick silk quality pages.

Mistaken identity has never been so wrong.

After years of sabotaging my body and blaming my family for the loss of my love, I’ve refused to be a part of our Mafia involvement.

Then my usual Indulgence service arrives, and for the first time in years, my body comes alive. I can feel.

The only problem is the girl in my arms. The one I crave is not the girl I ordered.

No, it’s my stepdaughter.

And worse, she wants me to be her daddy.

I’ve swapped one addiction for the other, but this one might just be my cure.

foiled special edition

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This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Strong & offensive language, sexual scenes, dub-con, daddy, water sport, praise, degradation, age-gap, taboo (step daughter), blood play, violence, breeding, jealous/possessive, BDSM, virgin H, breath play, Lactation and DDLG Dynamic.

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