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brutal secrets

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So much has been left undiscovered, and when my past clashes with my future, the brutal secrets leave devastating consequences for not just my family, but hers too.

Can everyone survive the brutal STORM heading our way? Or will our lives remain forever veiled in secrets and lies.

This book is a continuation from Love In Brutal Devotion, therefore you need to read that book first. It is a crossover with the Secrets and Lies Series. Although not needed, Bren is best read first for a deeper understanding of the story.

Expect, angst, heat and lots of drama, throw in some banter, and some very familiar characters.

This book is a dark why-choose MMFM romance. It ends on a cliffhanger and will continue in Brutal Lies.


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This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Dub con, Age gap, Daddy/Baby Girl Kink, History of sexual abuse, Childhood sexual abuse, Knife play, Torture, Blood play, Breeding kink, Graphic violence, Strong & offensive language, Domination, MFMM, Praise, Degradation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, DP, Lactation, Cum play, Bondage, Somnophilia, Squirting, Non Con & Spitting.

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