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A Mafia romance, age-gap romance, with steamy sex scenes and a jealous/possessive hero. Be prepared to be taken on a journey of Secrets and Lies.

She was in a crate. A crate. Ready to be trafficked on demand.
The sky blue, doe-eyed, blond girl, the epitome of innocence. How wrong was I? She’s been trained to please, to pleasure, and submit.
Over my dead body, will I let anyone touch her. Anyone but me.
She’s mine. Mine to protect. Mine to care for. Mine. But when truths come to light, they risk tearing us apart, and I’m left with the greatest decision of my life. Do I set her free?

I grew up in a compound. I’m known as Red Seven. Until him… He gave me a name. A purpose. A life. Everything I’ve ever wanted and never knew I needed. Love. But when secrets and lies come into play, I’m left broken. Destroyed. I refuse to be the submissive I’ve been trained to be. I need to find my own path and finally be free, but can we find a way for him to keep me when there’s so much at stake?

secrets and lies book 4

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This book features the following dark elements and triggers:

Strong & offensive language, sexual scenes, graphic violence, BDSM, submissive heroin, breeding kink, dubious consent, human trafficking and slavery.

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